First International Podoconiosis conference announced

Posted by admin|  Posted on 5 Jun 2018, 15:15

The first international conference will take place in Addis Ababa on Sunday 23rd of September 2018. Programme and submission invitation to follow shortly.


Funding awarded for podoconiosis research

Posted by admin|  Posted on 1 Jan 2013, 14:39

Researchers at Addis Ababa University, the Kilifi Clinical Trials Facility, the University of Sussex and Brighton & Sussex Medical School have been awarded funding to conduct a randomised controlled trial of podoconiosis lymphoedema management in northern Ethiopia


Multimillion-pound grant boosts research for podo and other NTDs

Posted by admin|  Posted on 15 Apr 2018, 12:57

Research into neglected tropical diseases that cause suffering among some of the world’s poorest communities has been given a much-needed boost by a multi-million pound grant to a specialist team at the Brighton and Sussex Medical School.


Risk of podo in Cameroon has been mapped

Posted by admin|  Posted on 5 Jun 2018, 16:01

10,178 individuals from 4,603 households participated. 83 people with lymphedema were identified and 52 diagnosed with podoconiosis.


Rwanda Mapping underway November 2017

Posted by admin|  Posted on 5 Jun 2018, 16:15

As part of the Global Atlas of Podoconiosis work, Dr Kebede Deribe and Prof Gail Davey joined collaborators from the Rwanda Biomedical Centre to train five teams of four data collectors in Musanze, northern Rwanda. Heart and Sole Africa (a local NGO offering care to podo patients) also provided expertise.



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