Much of the research into podoconiosis completed since 2000 has been based in Ethiopia. Abstracts and articles on this research can be found on the Research page.

Current research projects underway in Ethiopia include:

  • Promoting consistent shoe use among children at high risk of podoconiosis
  • Comparative study to identify the mineral trigger of podoconiosis
  • Prevalence of podoconiosis in East and West Gojjam Zones, northern Ethiopia
  • Preparation for nationwide GIS mapping of the distribution of podoconiosis
  • Co-infections in lower leg lymphoedema
  • Haematological and immunological status in patients with podoconiosis
  • Co-endemicity of podoconiosis with soil-transmitted helminths, and impact on anaemia
  • Prevalence of podoconiosis in Ilubabor Zone, western Ethiopia
  • Development and testing of a scale to measure stigma against people with podoconiosis.


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