The National Podoconiosis Action Network (NaPAN) was established with the support of the Ethiopian Federal Ministry of Health in November 2011 to:

  • connect network partners to information and resources
  • share experience and foster best practice among organizations working on podoconiosis
  • enhance research on podoconiosis, and introduce new findings to develop improved care and support
  • identify gaps in the services provided for patients with podoconiosis and identify ways to address these gaps
  • advocate for better inclusion of podoconiosis and greater resource commitment for podoconiosis

The goal is that all patients in Ethiopia can access treatment, and residents of all endemic areas can prevent new cases of podoconiosis by washing feet and wearing shoes.

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A New Leadership Face in the Fight against Podoconiosis in Ethiopia

dr-asrat-mengiste.jpgPodoconiosis has perhaps been one of the most neglected of the world's "neglected tropical diseases." It is a chronic and disabling form of elephantiasis, often affecting marginalized communities living in extreme poverty. Support for affected individuals has historically been fragmented and limited in size. However, the registration of the National Podoconiosis Action Network (NaPAN) in Ethiopia in April 2012 represented a new locally-driven step forward. This consortium brings those working on podoconiosis throughout the country together for more visibility and podoconiosis awareness creation.

Dr. Asrat Mengiste is the Executive Director of NaPAN. He is a reconstructive surgeon who has over 25 years of experience as a Health Centre Head, General Surgeon, Hand and Reconstructive Surgeon and Hospital Department Head.

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