Abstract submission

To submit an abstract please download the application form and email it back to: globalhealth@bsms.ac.uk 


We invite abstracts in the following areas:

•    Aetiology (genetics, mineralogy, geology, behavioural practices) 
•    Distribution (local, national, international)
•    Diagnosis and distinction from other tropical lymphoedemas
•    Disease burden (physical and mental health, social and economic)
•    Beliefs and behaviours
•    Prevention (concepts and strategies)  
•    Treatment (behavioural practices, drugs)
•    Service delivery (scale up and integrated care)
•    Other research directly relevant to understanding podoconiosis

•    Programme prioritization and planning
•    Components of a successful programme
•    Programme staffing 
•    Setting policy
•    Other experience directly relevant to delivering care to patients

Deadline: 30 May 2018

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